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Whether you need new concrete garage floors, a professional concrete garage floor coating, or a complete resurfacing, Sam the Concrete Man makes it easy.

Benefits of concrete garage floors


Garage slabs take a lot of abuse compared to other flooring around the home. They have to support heavy vehicles; stand up to dirt, gasoline, motor oil, and other contaminants; and, since many garages aren’t heated, they must endure freeze/thaw conditions.

But properly installed concrete garage floor can take all that and more.

Sam the Concrete Man Grand Rapids, Michigan uses a powerful commercial grade concrete that’s reinforced with ⅜” rebar. With proper care, they can easily last upwards of 35 years, even with heavy use and the worst of Grand Rapids, Michigan weather.

Low maintenance

Concrete garage floors are easy to clean and maintain, especially compared to some other flooring options.


Concrete garage floors are slip-resistant, fireproof, and manufactured without any harmful chemicals. Homeowners also never have to worry about slip-and-fall injuries resulting from lifted carpet or tiles.


Modern concrete garage flooring is not the drab slab of yesteryear. Homeowners can choose any color, texture, or design to create any look.

Concrete garage flooring services in the Grand Rapids, MI metro area

When it comes to concrete garage floors, it’s important to choose a reputable contractor who has experience installing concrete in garages. Sam The Concrete Man can install your new garage floor or replace an existing garage floor, and ensure that the floor is installed properly to ensure its durability and longevity.

When you choose Sam the Concrete Man Grand Rapids, Michigan, we guarantee:

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